If you are responsible for the monitoring and management of web servers, then it is vital that you have some instrumentation in place that will inform you of any problems.

This is where WebUp comes to the rescue. It will not only tell you the response times of multiple http end points such as web urls, but will send you an email notification if the site becomes unresponsive.

WebUp is a Windows 10 app that can be found in the Windows app store giving you a secure and safe source to acquire it. Although it is a Windows 10 app, it is a Universal app which means it will run on desktop, tablet, mobile and Xbox. Windows 10 apps can be installed on up to 10 devices giving you the option to monitor your end points on multiple devices in different locations.


After downloading the app from the Windows app store, simply click on the + button and enter your http endpoint.

click on the + button and then enter an http endpoint in the textbox.

click on the + button and then enter an http end point in the textbox.

By going to the settings view accessible from the top right menu, you can change the configuration.

go to settings to change the configuration.

If you want the http end points to auto refresh, toggle the button and move the slider to the interval you are happy with.

set the auto refresh and interval time.

You can change the tolerance levels of both the 'ONLINE BUT SLOW' and 'OFFLINE' indicators. A website that responds within the 'ONLINE BUT SLOW' limit will show as green in the main view. A site that is between this and the 'OFFLINE' setting will apear amber in the main view and any site that is either taking too long to respond or gets a response of being 'OFFLINE' will show as red in the main view.

set the tolerance levels.

different statuses show in different colours.

If you want to receive an email notifying you of a consistently down website, set the toggle to on and enter a valid email address. Send a test email if you wish to check that all is working correctly.

enter email address to receive notifications.


Introducing WebUp HTTP Endpoint Monitoring