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How to Use Flash

Bookmarks are saved for the sites you frequently visit. In the earlier days bookmarks were invented for the ease of navigation between sites, but today it is more of a convenience and it would be hard to find a site without a bookmark. Since the introduction of Toolbar as a separate area for adding content to a web page and the creation of Flash Platform, HTML Bookmarks have become obsolete.

There are still a lot of web pages and blogs that have a bookmark slider on them. You can add up to 50 bookmarks in one go, but the task is a bit overwhelming as you might not know which ones are effective and should be left alone.

The first step is to figure out why you need to add a bookmark. Look for any of the following reasons.

  1. Your website is dropping down in terms of visits. You need to save a bookmark on the site(or use a hotkey to add a bookmark).
  2. Your email is not working properly. Do not forget to include “http://”s in the subject code of your email. You can also use a special “?”, like “?”. You can also use hotkeys to quickly add a new bookmark.
  3. Your favorite websites are using a lot of bold text and you are unable to read it.
  4. Your computer is running slowly.
  5. You think your computer is infected with viruses.
  6. Someone in your network iscluding spyware and spyware is stealing your bandwidth.
  7. Your browser is set to “retina-ize” pages, so it is displaying a few pixels of “aguzed data” on your screen.
  8. Your ISP is preventing you from visiting certain sites.
  9. Your computer is not visiting the sites you want it too.
  10. Someone is preventing your computer from writing to a file.
  11. Someone is preventing you from installing a certain program.
  12. Someone is preventing you from running a certain virus.
  13. Settings on your computer are not allowing you to adjust for resource acceleration.
  14. By default your computer says that there are 2 webpages it can display, you can scroll around the list to see if there are more pages.
  15. Your browser shows a webpage has loaded but only after you have pressed on “refresh”?
  16. When you click on a link only on a web page, the link appears in a “new tab”
  17. Instead of reloading a page, the link on the web page is “refreshed”.
  18. The speed of your internet is too slow. Try to turn off the “configure my computer to control the websites” when you are using the internet.
  19. It is difficult to type in URL’s.
  20. When you click a link, a small window pops up, there is a taskbar across the bottom with locate (type in) in the lower right corner, click on the address bar or the middle window if using IE (or if using Windows Me or 2000, click the little glass icon in the upper right hand corner).

This method will work for any of the browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

If your computer is running Windows 98 or 98SE then the above method will not work, you need to scroll down the “address bar” on the left of the browser and click on the “support” function or key.

You should be able to locate a search engine support shortcut on your desktop.

There are other browser support methods like the following.

  1. Open a browser window, go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options.
  2. From the tab that appears, select the “Advanced” tab.
  3. Scroll down until you see the “Online” tab.
  4. Make sure that the “Phishing and Other Self-Malware Protection” is checked.
  5. Check the “Cookies” box by clicking on it and also the Multiple Third-Party Checkboxes should be checked.
  6. Select the “Show Cookies” option.
  7. Choose the right folder which holds the saved cookies and click Ok.

Now you can manage the cookies on your PC.

Manage Backup Files

Setting up backup files is not as difficult as it should be. Start off by downloading backup software. In the meantime, begin by copying all your files to the CD. See to it that all the files are backed up; you can use Carbonite which is one of the easiest to use and also has a backup utility in the case of Macintosh users.

You should see a pop-up message notifying you that indicates the backup files have been successfully created.

It is important to remember that once you have created the backup files, you need to store them yourself.

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